Transforming Lives In Uganda!

Our Programs

Health Care

At Habitat For Lake Shore Communities, we prioritize high-quality health care to prevent diseases and enhance quality of life. Our focus on improving health care quality and ensuring that all individuals have access to the necessary services.

Many women and babies have lost their lives due to inadequate medical care and a lack of essential medication in our medical centers. HFLSC intervenes by providing medication to address this gap. 


Healthy homes play a crucial role in promoting both physical and mental well-being. The presence of safe and hazard free housing is integral to maintaining good health. Conversely, substandard and inadequate housing conditions can exacerbate health issues, including chronic diseases and injuries, and adversely affect childhood development.

Habitat for Lake shore communities is dedicated to supporting homeless individuals by offering them quality shelter.

Girl Child Support

Habitat for lake shore communities provides sanitary pads to young girls in the community and also offers training on making reusable ones.In many parts of our country, girls face significant challenges during their menstrual periods.Due to financial constraints, many parents cannot afford sanitary pads, forcing girls to refrain from daily activities and even skip school due to discomfort and embarrasment. This absence in school results in missed educational opportunities.

Our mission is to ensure that young girls have access to affordable and safe sanitary pads, enabling them to pursue their education without interruption.

Youths Vocational Skills

We engage with young people by providing them with practical skills. These encompass hairdressing and garment cutting, tailoring, basket weaving, as well as necklace and bracelet making for girls. For boys, we offer training in motor vehicle mechanics and driving, plumbing,welding and metal fabrication, building and construction, and woodwork technology.

These skills are invaluable for many youths who may not pursue A-level studies or attend university.

What we do

We give support to the disadvantaged people in Kalangala.

We provide ARVS & Condoms

We educate our community about the risks of careless living and promote self-protection.For those already affected by the virus, we ensure access to HIV/AIDS medication.

Additionally, we distribute condoms to our healthy facilities, offering them free of charge to our community members.

We provide mosquito nets & bedding

Insecticide-treated bed nets areessential for personal protection against malaria. They have been proven to significantly reduce the incidence of malaria illness, severe disease, and mortality.

We provide Clean Water

Previously, many people would directly fetch water from the lake,leading to an increase in diseases such as Bilharzia. To address this issue, we introduced water purifiers to ensure that water is clean and safe for drinking.

We construct Homes

Numerous individuals are without homes due to their inability to afford rent. We assist them by constructing simple yet sturdy structures, providing the shelter they require.